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Our Services

  • Collecting prescriptions from local GP surgeries on behalf of patients

Our pharmacies can collect your prescription from your surgery to save you time.


  • Delivery of prescriptions to patients

Our pharmacies can deliver your prescription medicines to your home or office.


  • Electronic Prescriptions

All of our pharmacies are setup to receive your prescription electronically from your doctors.


  • Minor Ailments service

Some pharmacies are able to provide treatments on the NHS for a range of minor ailments such as athlete’s foot or headlice.


  • Quit smoking services

Our Pharmacies offer stop smoking services and can provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Smoking cessation services involve a consultation with the pharmacist who will create a programme to improve your chances of giving up. Sometimes carbon monoxide monitoring will be used to help encourage you to quit.


  • Medicines use reviews

Also known as “medicine check-ups” or “medicine MOTs”, this is a free NHS consultation with a pharmacist about a person’s medicines. Consultations are held in a private consultation area so your conversation will not be overheard. This service aims to improve your understanding of your medicines.


  • New Medicine Service

If you are prescribed a new medicine for the first time for either an existing or newly-diagnosed health problem, you may be able to get extra help and advice about your medicine from the pharmacist through a free scheme called The New Medicine Service.