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Browns Pharmacy and Hinckley Pharmacy COVID Vaccination Centres

 We have multiple clinics offering booked appointments to receive the coronavirus vaccine
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How long the vaccine takes to work

It can take a few weeks for the vaccine to protect you.

Does the vaccine work for everyone?

The vaccine doesn’t completely stop everyone getting coronavirus, but if you do still catch coronavirus, it shouldn’t make you as poorly if you’ve had the vaccine.


If you have serious allergies, you should check with your doctor if it is safe for you to get the vaccine. You might have a serious allergy if you carry an EpiPen.

Pregnant or think you may be

Some women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may have the vaccine. If you are trying for a baby, you can still have your vaccines. Talk to your GP or midwife about it.

Problems with your immune system

The vaccine is safe if you have problems with your immune system (this is when your body finds it hard to fight infections).

Side effects of the vaccine

Very common side effects include:
  • your arm feeling heavy or sore where you had the injection
  • feeling achy or like you’ve got the flu
  • feeling tired
  • having a headache
If you feel feverish (like you’re very hot or very cold) you should:
  • rest
  • take some paracetamol
You should feel better in less than a week.
You cannot catch coronavirus from the vaccine, but it is possible to have caught coronavirus and not realise until after your vaccination appointment.
If you are feeling very poorly or you’re worried you might have coronavirus, call 111 or go on the 111 website. Make sure you tell 111 that you have just had your coronavirus vaccine
If NHS 111 tell you to see a doctor or a nurse, make sure you tell them about your vaccination too. If you can, show them your vaccination card.
If you think you have a serious side effect from the vaccine you can report them using the yellow card scheme. The Coronavirus Yellow Card system is a website where you can report any side effects from the vaccine. You may need support to access this website.

Do you need the COVID-19 vaccine if you’ve had the flu vaccine?

It’s important to have the flu vaccine and the coronavirus vaccine.
You can have both vaccines on the same day. You can also have them on different days if you need to.

What to do if you are not well when it is your next appointment

If you are not feeling well, wait to have your vaccine when you feel better. If you have tested positive for coronavirus YOU MUST wait 4 weeks from the first negative test before attending for a vaccine
You should try to have it as soon as possible. You can call the same number that you used to make your first appointment.
You should not attend a vaccine appointment if you are self-isolating, waiting for a coronavirus test or unsure if you are fit and well.

Can you give coronavirus to anyone after you have had the vaccine?

The vaccine can’t give you coronavirus.
Having the vaccine makes you less likely to get very ill from coronavirus.
The vaccine helps to protect you and those around you from catching and passing on the virus.
You still need to:
You do not have to social distance but you and the person who care for may still want to.
You do not have to wear a face mask. You can still wear one if it makes you feel safer, especially in crowded spaces.
Wash your hands carefully and often.
Open windows to let fresh air in.
Information taken from GOV.UK and checked and approved by Conor McSorley Pharmacist 2223070

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