CoolMeds 2-8 degrees Transport Case

CoolMeds 2-8 degrees Transport Case

The MediGenix CoolMeds 2-8°C isothermic bag has been specially designed, using high quality materials, to safely transport temperature sensitive medicine.

  • Bag stays cool for 12—18 hours at 2 to 8° C, up to 30 hours below 25° C

  • The MediGenix CoolMeds 2-8°C medicine bag is fitted with an integrated digital thermometer, giving peace of mind by allowing the patient to monitor the bag’s internal temperature without opening the bag;

  • 4 Elasticated product loops and the netted pouch ensure that products are kept at the optimal position in the carry bag;

  • Includes two Cold Packs with double outer covers which offers a longer cooling effect and durability during frequent use;

  • Includes two Buffer packs which absorb excessive cold and protect products from over cooling;

  • High quality insulation and external canvas combined with a strong zip for opening, makes it easy to use.

  • Hotel Fridge Card included. This card can be used in hotels with card type activation of electricity thus ensuring the hotel fridge is running while out of the room.

  • Dimensions when packed with cold packs, buffer packs and medicine is approximately: 22cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 11cm (H)

  • Shipping dimensions: 23cm x 10cm x 18cm and weight is 993 grams

  • Units per carton: 12

  • Bar Code: 0705422428141

*Cooling periods are dependent on external factors such as the ambient temperature; ambient humidity; how many times the bag is opened etc. As such the responsibility for ensuring the medication is kept cold enough is solely that of the user and Syringa UK Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable.

Equipment and medication shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only.


RRP: £49.84
Our price: £39.99

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